Exercising regularly not only helps you keep slim, but also improves your overall health and well-being. Different exercises produce different results, as they focus on alternate parts of the body.

There are four broad exercise categories: endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. Many people often only focus on one exercise type, but including all four in your workout will produce better results and reduce your risk of injury.


Endurance exercises increase your breathing and heart rate. By doing endurance exercises, you are working to keep your heart, lungs, and

blood-flow system healthy while improving your total fitness.Over time these activities will make everyday activities seem easier.


If you want to build up your muscles, then strength exercises, which are also known as “resistance training”, are right for you. Even the slightest increase in strength can make a huge difference in your ability to carry out daily tasks. Developing strong muscles also reduces your risk of weak bones.


Flexibility exercises help stretch your body’s muscles. This allows for more freedom of movement for other exercises and can also improve your range of motion, posture,ability to breathe deeply, and blood flow. Also, it reduces the muscle tension caused by stress.


Balance exercises help prevent falls and are especially important to older adults, helping them stay

independent. Most good balance exercises are ones that keep you constantly moving with your feet on the ground. Heel-to-toe walking and standing on one foot are simple ways to improve balance.

21. How can a person benefit most from their exercise routine?

A. By combining different exercise types together

B. By having sufficient rest between their workouts

C. By concentrating on one training aspect at a time.

D. By increasing the frequency of their training gradually.

22. Which exercise types are most useful to improve a person’s breathing function?

A. Strength and Balance B. Flexibility and Balance

C. Endurance and Strength D. Endurance and Flexibility

23 Which part of the body plays the most important role in balance-related exercises?

A.Arms. B. Legs. C. Waist D. Neck


The history of microbiology begins with a Dutch cloth maker named Antoni van Leeuwenhoek,a man of no formal scientific education. In the late 1600s, Leeuwenhoek, inspired by the magnifying lenses(放大镜) he used to examine cloth, built some of the first microscopes.

He developed a technique to improve the quality of tiny, rounded lenses, some of which could magnify an object up to 270 times.After removing some plaque from between his teeth and examining it under a lens, Leeuwenhoek found tiny twisting creatures, Which he called”animalcules””.

His observations, which he reported to the Royal Society of London, are among the first descriptions of microbes(微生物), Leeuwenhoek discovered an entire universe invisible to the human eye.

He found different microbes in samples of pond water, rain water, and human blood. He gave the first description of red blood cells, observed plant tissue, examined muscle, and investigated the life cycle of insects.

Nearly two hundred years later, Leeuwenhoek’s discovery of microbes helped French chemist and biologist Louis Pasteur to develop his”theory of disease”. This concept suggested that disease originates from tiny organisms attacking and weakening the body.

Pasteur’s theory later helped doctors to fight infectious diseases including anthrax, diphtheria, polio, smallpox, tetanus, and typhoid. All these breakthroughs were the result of Leeuwenhoek’s original work. Leeuwenhoek did not foresee this legacy.

In a 1716 letter, he described his contribution to science this way: “My work, which I’ve done for a long time, was not pursued in order to gain the praise I now enjoy, but chiefly from a strong desire for knowledge, which I notice resides in me more than in most other men,

And therefore,whenever I found out anything remarkable, I have thought it my duty to put down my discovery on paper, so that the scientific co妹妹unity might be informed thereof.”

24. Which of the following best describes Leeuwenhoek?

A. A trained researcher with an interest in microbiology

B. A curious amateur who made pioneer studies of microbes

C. A talented scientist interested in finding a cure for disease

D A bored cloth maker who accidentally made a major discovery

25. The underlined phrase”this legacy”in paragraph 3 refers to_______.

A. the discovery of microbes B. Pasteur’s theory of disease

C. Leeuwenhoek’s contribution D. the origin of the tiny organism

26. What does the quote from Leeuwenhoek’s letter suggest?

A. He admitted that many of his discoveries happened by chance.

B. He considered his work to be central to later medical breakthroughs.

C. He was greatly concerned with improving people’s living conditions.

D. He believed the sharing of knowledge was a key to scientific progress

27. What is the correct order for the following events?

a.Magnifying lenses were built.

b.The”theory of disease”was put forward

c Microbes were discovered in samples of waters.

d. Leeuwenhoek’s first microscopes were successfully developed.

e Leeuwenhoek explained his thoughts upon his own contribution.

A.a-d-c-e-b B. d-a-c-e-b C. a-c-d-b-e D. d-a-e-b-c


Around 200 B. C, Aristophanes, an ancient Greek librarian, developed a system of marks to break up text to make it easier to read. Before this, words were often written in one long sentence without spaces between the words. Today in many languages -including English-there is a set of rules on how to use full stops, co妹妹as and other text marks.

However, some believe this is changing.Dr Robert Frost, who studies language, says people no longer use full stops and other punctuation (标点)symbols because they feel their messages are clear enough without them. So, is punctuation helpful or just troublesome?

Yes-punctuation is important

Punctuation is needed in order to make the meaning of written words clear. If a parent messaged to say, “It’s time to eat, children, this is different from, ” It’s time to eat children”. The second sentence would probably make you want to run in the opposite direction because it sounds as though children were on the menu.

The author Jonathan Pierce argues that punctuation can be used to add drama,to break up the sequence of words and change the rhythm of a sentence. “It allows writers to make sentences more interesting so the readers do not get bored, Pierce claims.

“Otherwise, the words run into each other and lose their impact. ” Besides, learning the different ways punctuation marks can be used is fun. It can add a lot to the style of writing and make it clearer.

No-we don’t need it

Punctuation. Even, if a sentence is badly punctuated. like this one: It can still be, understood. This short piece of text shows that it is the words that are the important part of the sentence, not the symbols between them.

Oxford-based linguist Kelly Jones says, “It is the order in which the words appear that conveys the meaning, not the punctuation marks. If there is any doubt in the meaning of the sentence, people are clever enough to work out what the person is really trying to say.

For instance, when people speak, they do not use punctuation and yet we can still understand each other.”Also, punctuation can be confusing -there are lots of complex rules to observe, and if it is used incorrectly it can cause more problems than if there were none, Punctuation simply isn’t needed.628

28. What is the purpose of this passage?

A. To discuss alternative viewpoints.

B. To support one argument over another.

C. To evaluate the strength of competing ideas.

D. To outline historical development of language

29 Who believes punctuation is necessary?

A. Robert Frost and Kelly Jones

B. Aristophanes and Robert Frost

C. Jonathan Pierce and Kelly Jones

D. Aristophanes and Jonathan Pierce

30. In paragraph 3, the underlined part is used as.

A. a definition B. a fact C. an example D. an error

31. Which of the following can be a strong argument against Kelly Jones’s opinion?

A Punctuation adds to the effect and richness of a language.

B. Without punctuation, people would be breathless when speaking.

C Pauses and tones in speech serve similar functions to punctuation.

D. The choice and order of words are important to conveying meaning.


To many people, honey bees symbolize wealth, sustainability and environmentalism. But as a honey bee researcher, I have to tell you that only the first item on that list is defensible. Although they are important for agriculture, honey bees, which are usually imported from outside the local area, also disturb natural ecosystems by competing with native bees.

For several years the media has told us that bee populations are under threat. In response to this media campaign to”save the bees”, raising honey bees has become a popular hobby. But as a species, honey bees are least in need of saving.

Much media attention is given to honey bees at the expense of native bees, and this has led many citizens—myself once included—to mistakenly believe they are doing a good thing for the environment by raising honey bees. Unfortunately, they

are probably doing more harm than good.628

“Beekeeping is for people; it’s not a conservation practice, “says Shelly Smith, an environmental science professor. People mistakenly think keeping honey bees also helps the native bees, which are at risk of extinction. That’s wrong.”

Smith and her research team recently surveyed one thousand local people in Canada and found that they had a surprisingly poor understanding of bee types and their roles in promoting flower growth. Most people’s attention is on saving honey bees when, from a conservationist’s point of view, native bees are the ones in more need of support.

“To make matters worse, beekeeping companies and various non-science-based projects have

financially benefited from the decline of native bee populations, “Smith explains. “These companies pretend they are interested in saving bees but their actions are actually damaging the native bee populations.”

The introduction of honey bees increases competition with native bee populations for food,putting even more pressure on the wild species that are already in decline. Honey bees are extremely efficient food gatherers and take over almost all local flower resources, thus leading to damaging competition—that is, where one species uses up a resource, not leaving enough to go around.

32. Which statement does the writer argue for?

A Honey bees endanger native bees.

B. Honey bees are a symbol of wealth.

C. Honey bees are important for agriculture.

D Honey bees can defend natural ecosystems.

33. What can be inferred from paragraph 2?

A. Beekeeping is a still-popular traditional hobby.

B. The media is responsible for misleading the public.

C. Citizens’ attempts to protect the environment are effective.

D. The media campaign has failed to promote honey bee businesses.

34. What surprised Shelly Smith’s team?628

A. Beekeeping companies’ making great profits.

B. The quick expansion of bee-friendly habitats.

C. The public’s ignorance of bee varieties and roles.

D. Insufficient attention given to saving honey bees.

35. How does the writer develop the last paragraph?

A. By listing examples. B By making comparisons.

C. By analyzing survey data. D. By explaining cause and effect.




Do you like the idea of running your own business from home? Most of you do, and the first things you say you like about it are being your own boss, having flexible hours and working In your pajamas(寝衣)._36__

Being your own boss is definitely one big advantage.__37_You must co妹妹it to work on your business regularly to make profits. If not, you will find that your income becomes non-existent.So, have set office hours where you productively work on building your business.

_38__Doctors’ appointments and family co妹妹itments can simply be worked into your schedule. Again, you need to arrange your appointments carefully and try to book them together. This way you can get all of your running around done in one day.

Working in your pajamas may seem appealing initially. But it can also prevent you from actually getting your work done. _39__.After that, just walk into your office and start your day’s work. Being too casual means getting less work done on a regular basis.

In order to run a successful business from home you need to have a good mindset.__40_. Taking off too many hours each week will damage your financial stability and long-term success. Set goals and limits on your time. Build your business first, before taking advantage of what working from home offers.

A. But it can also become your downfall without care.

B. Flexible hours are another huge plus of working from home.

C. Once it’s achieved, you’ ll have more opportunities to develop business contacts.

D. You may find it more efficient to get up, exercise, then shower and dress for work.

E. This includes realizing that you and only you are responsible for your own income.

F. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it is so easy to allow yourself to have excuses.

G. While these benefits sound great, the reality of working from home can be a little different.




Camogli looks like any other small Italian coastal town. The little 41 houses face the

sea, The sunlight warms their beauty. But, look carefully and you’ ll see many things that seem41 …but they’re not.

This fishing village is full of trompe l’oeil—an art form in which nothing is what it appears to be. While some flowers die, others live for years. Why? Because they’re 43 on the building!

Trompe l’oeilhas been around for centuries. 44 , Camogli’s fishermen painted their houses in bright colors and unusual designs, so that they could see their homes 45 from the water. Then,in the 1700s, it became a way to make small, simple buildings look 46 and high-valued.

And today? There are still many trompe l’oeilhouses in villages like Camogli, but only a few

artists are 47 to paint them. Carlo is one of this ever-decreasing band of artists who’s managed to make a business out of it.-wqpywi

His 48 are often people who want to improve their home’s 49 .But for Carlo trompe l’oeil’s purpose is to bring something 50 to a new place, such as bringing the city to the sea or even the deserts to the cities.

Carlos painting style 51 the past. He only uses old-style paints and mixes them by hand.He does so for one reason: to protect the trompe l’oeil 52 . He also believes this art should be 53 everywhere.

Fortunately, in Camogli, local art and culture are still 54 .But remember, don’t always

55 your eyes!

41. A. colored B. crowded C. damp D. wooden

42. A. fancy B. novel C. real D. valuable

43. A. carved B. pressed C. painted D. planted

44. A. Creatively B. Mistakenly C. Frequently D. Originally

45. A. closely B. easily C. happily D. hopefully

46. A. comfortable B. complicated C grand D. harmonious

47. A. allowed B. available C. responsible D. introduced

48. A. designers B. followers C. customers D. partners

49. A. appearance B. capacity C. convenience D. privacy

50. A. civilized B. faraway C. natural D. unexpected

51. A. comes from B. brings about C. goes against D. leaves out

52. A. artists B. buildings C. paints D. traditions

53. A. accepted B. discussed C. learned D. seen-wqpywi

54. A. changing B. alive C. diverse D. unique

55. A. believe B. block C. widen D. cheat



A comforting cup of tea is an essential part of the day for hundreds of millions of people around the globe. Worldwide, three cups of tea 56 (consume) for every cup of coffee. To 57 (full) appreciate the ancient roots of the herbal drink, a visit to the China National Tea Museum might be in order. The institution has a long history.

58 (locate)in Hangzhou, the museum occupies a parklike setting. Inside, various halls demonstrate the story of tea, its ceremonies(典礼) and its tools. Records of tea drinking date as far back as the 59 (ten)century B.C. in China. Originally the leaves were baked into a brick,a part of 60 could be broken off and made into a powder (粉状物).

Tea spread into northern China during the Tang Dynasty; by the Song Dynasty it 61 (acquire)a loose-leaf production as well as the ceremonies that made its consumption 62 art form.

The art of tea extended to its fancy containers, which are 63 display at the museum.Gracefully rounded kettles date back 5,000 years; tea bowls from the Tang Dynasty have a beautiful simplicity. Today 64 (visit)can observe a tea ceremony that might be enough 65 (change) even the most passionate coffee drinker-wqpywi


第一节 (满分15分)

假设你是李华,上周你校举行了首届糊口技术云端展现勾当,主题为“劳动缔造夸姣糊口( Work Creates a Better Life)”。请你为校英文报写一篇报导,内容包含:









It took place in a teachers family. One day, Ben was playing basketball in the living room after school, when he accidentally threw the ball at a vase sitting on the shelf. The vase dropped to the floor and a large piece broke off.

What made Ben more upset was that the vase was not a co妹妹on decoration but an antique, which was handed down through generations from the 18th century. It was also his mother’s favourite possession. To cover his terrible action, the terrified boy glued the pieces together hastily and put the vase back to its place.

As the mother herself dusted the vase every day, she naturally noticed the cracks(裂纹) that evening. To her surprise, the repair work was actually very good. At dinner time, she asked her boy if he broke the vase.

Fearing punishment, the suddenly inspired boy said that a neighbour’s cat jumped in from the window and he couldn’t drive it away no matter how hard he tried.

It raced around the living room and finally knocked the vase off its shelf. His mother was quite clear that her son was lying, for all the windows were closed before she left for work each morning and opened after she returned.

However, in the face of her son’s nervous eyes and the suspicious looks of the other family members. Ben’s mother remained calm. She realized she shouldn’t just simply blame and punish her son for lying. She came up with another idea.

Before going to bed, the boy found a note from his mother in his room, asking him to go to

the study at once. The boy thought he would now be punished but, as he had already lied, he was determined to deny everything to the end, no matter how angry his mum became.

In the study, calmly bathed in the light, his mothers face showed no sign of anger. On seeing her son push open the door and cautiously enter, she took a chocolate box out of a drawer and gave him one.




The mother said, “This chocolate is a reward for your imagination: a window-opening cat!”


Now with some chocolates in hand, the boy’s bad attitude disappeared.


2021 年广州一模英语谜底详解




21-23: ADB


谜底为 A。由第一段最后一句“but including all four in your workout will

produce better results…”可知与选项 A“ combining different exericise types



谜底为 D。由 Endurance 段第一句“…increase your breathing…”和

Flexibility 段第二句“improve your range of motion posture ability to breathe



谜底为 B。由 Balance 段第二句“keep you constantly moving with your

feet…” 可知和脚的活动有关, A 选项为手臂,C 选项为腰部,D 选项为脖子,是以选 B。



24-27: BCDA


谜底为 B。由第一段可知显微镜是 Leeuwenhoek 发现的,第二段可知他也是第一


接管过正式的科学教诲,故也合适 B 选项的“amateur 业余者”的身份。


答 案 为 C 。“this legacy” 指前面提到的 “ 所 有 的 这 些 成 就 都 离 不 开

Leeuwenhoek 的 钻研”,因 此他没有 预感 到的是他 的钻研会 带来这么 多的成 就



谜底为 D。由最后一段的最后一句可知,Leeuwenhoek 在信中提到“每当我有所

发明, 我会认为把它们记实到纸上是我的义务,由于如许的话科学界才能对我的这些发明有

所领会。” 与 D 选项意思一致。


谜底为 A。由第一二段可知,先是放大镜被发现,Leeuwenhoek 从中得到灵感发

了然显微镜,再发明了微生物。从第三段第一句可知,在 1600s 显微镜被发现的两百年后,

即约莫约莫 1800s “the theory of disease”被提出。由最后一段可知他对他的进献作

出诠释的信是在 1716 年写的,是以时候前后次序应是 a-d-c-e-b。C 篇 是一篇关于标点符号是不是有效的论说文

28-31 ADCA

28. A 大旨题。本篇文章是一篇论说文,按照体裁特色,文章的大旨应当是第一段的主题句。

按照题文同序的原则,该题的谜底也应当在第一段。而第一段的大旨句是最后一句”So, is

punctuation helpful or just troublesome?” 由此可知,本文的大旨是会商标点符号到底

是有效仍是冗余如许一个二选一的问题,对应 A 选项的 discuss alternative viewpoints。

29. D 细节题。问谁支撑标点符号有效,第一段的 Aristophanes 发现了标点符号,和第二段

暗示支撑的 Jonathan Pierce,谜底选 D。

30. C 揣度题。按照题干,本题请求找出文中第三段划线句子的感化。划线句子的下一句“This

short piece of text shows that it is the words…”阐明这个短句的感化是展现辞汇才是句


31. A 细节题。按照题干“Kelly Jones’s opinion”定位到第三段,Kelly Jones 的概念是

“It’s the order in which the words appear that conveys the meaning not the

punctuation marks.”也就是 Kelly 认为是辞汇的次序影响详细意义,而不是标点符号,她

认为标点符号对 meaning 无影响。而本题请求找到与 Kelly 概念最相悖的选项,只有 A 选项

提到标点符号 adds to the effect and richness of a language 丰硕了说话自己,对说话意

义有影响,和 Kelly 概念最相悖。

D 篇 是一篇关于蜜蜂的引入会使野生蜜蜂遭到威逼的论说文。

32-35 ABCD

32. A 大旨题。首段最后一句,作者提出 honey bees 蜜蜂会与野生蜜蜂竞争,从而打搅天然


是以谜底选 A,蜜蜂让野生蜂蜜堕入窘境。

33. B 揣度题。第二段作者提出,媒体一向夸大蜜蜂的数目朝不保夕,但现实上蜜蜂其实不必要

决心去庇护,因这人们都误觉得养蜜蜂是一件环保的事变。是以可揣度谜底选 B,媒体必要为

误导公共而卖力。34. C 细节题。此题可定位到第四段,they had a surprisingly poor understanding of

bee types and their roles in promoting flower growth,意为“出乎料想的是,本地人

们几近不领会蜜蜂的种类和它们对付促成花朵发展的脚色”。是以谜底选 C,公家对付蜜蜂种


35. D 最后一段总结阐发道,蜜蜂引入后会与野生蜜蜂的竞争,使野生蜜蜂堕入危机。缘由是



七选五:36-40: GABDE


解析:该空前一句提到多个在家办公的益处,包含being your own boss, having flexible

hours 和working in your pajamas. 而G选项中的these benefits刚好指代这些益处。



自力创业存在着负面影响,而且呼应当段中If not地点句,该句便是A选项downfall的详细内


38 谜底B

解析:该空地于第三段首句, B 选项中another huge plus 呼应第二段首句one big


39 谜底D

解析:该空前一句讲到在家办公也会影响人完成事情。D选项中more efficient承先启后,并

先容提高效力的法子。该空后一句代词that指代D选项中的get up, exercise, shower and

dress for work

40 谜底E



41. 谜底A。考查形容词。该形容词润饰houses,按照后文得悉这些屋子的外观是由颜料涂成


42. 谜底C。考查形容词。按照上下文得悉“看清晰你会发明不少工具很传神,可是她们不是



43. 谜底C。考查动词。这些修建的外观应当是画出来的,A“雕镂的”;B“按压的”;C“画


44. 谜底D。考查副词。按照上下文得悉这是此种绘画的汗青的先容,有较着时候瓜葛,逻辑



45. 谜底B。考查副词。按照上下文逻辑得悉,五彩缤纷的外墙是为了使在海里看起来更容


46. 谜底C。考查形容词。按照并列形容词high-valued的线索得悉应当选择近义表达,A“舒


47. 谜底B。考查形容词。根下文得悉,“在该小镇另有不少屋子,可是现存的可以或许绘制这类屋子



48. 谜底C。考查名词。按照上下文得悉应当是“画家”和“消费者”之间的瓜葛,消费者雇



49. 谜底A。考查名词。按照上下文得悉这些绘画是在屋子的外观上,所所以用来装潢和改良

屋子的外观。A. appearance 外观;B.capacity 能力;C. convenience 便当;

D.privacy 隐私。50. 谜底 D。考查形容词。按照下文可知,“把都会带到海洋,把戈壁带到都会”,解除 A、C。这

些例子都阐明了绘画的详细内容是别开生面的,只有“unexpected”合适题意。A. civilized 文

明的;B. faraway 遥远的;C.natural 天然的;D.unexpected 出乎料想的。

51. 谜底 A。考查动词词组。按照后文“他只应用传统气概的颜料和徒手把这些颜料夹杂”的

信息得悉 Carlo 的气概是来自于过往。只有“past”合适题意。A. comes from 来自;B. brings

about 引发;C. goes against 晦气于;违背;D.leaves out 漏掉,省去。

52. 谜底 D。考查名词。按照前文 Carlo 是遵守传统技法,利用传统颜料手工绘制,推出其目

的为庇护 trompe l’oeil 的传统,是以选 D。A. artists 艺术家;B.buildings 修建;C. paints

颜料;D.traditions 传统。

53. 谜底 D。此题考核动词。与前文 Carlo 庇护 trompe l’oeil 这一艺术情势符合。此句意思

为“他也信赖这类艺术情势应当在各地被看到。”A. accepted 被采取;B.discussed 被评论辩论

C.learned 被进修;D. seen 被看到。

54. 谜底 B。此题考核形容词。A. changing 扭转的;B. alive 在世;继续存在;C. diverse 不

同的; 多种多样的;D. unique 怪异的。按照前文 There are still many trompe l’oeil

houses in the village like Camogli 得悉这类艺术和文化情势仍是继续存在着。

55. 谜底 A。考核动词。A.believe 意为“信赖”;B. block 意为“梗塞; 梗阻”;C. widen

意为“(使)变宽”;D. cheat 意为“坑骗;做弊”。按照前文 This fishing village is full of

trompe l’oeil-an art form in which nothing is what appears to be ,意为“这个渔村

处处都是错视画—— 一种内外纷歧的艺术情势”,以是不克不及信赖眼睛所看到的。故谜底选 A。语法填空

56. are consumed

解析:考查谓语动词。consume 损耗、本句长度较短,轻易发明缺乏谓语动词,主语three

cups of tea,与谓语动词consume之间是被动瓜葛,时态是一般如今时,以是谜底填are


57. fully


58. Located

解析:考查非谓语。locate 定位,动词。本句已有谓语动词,故利用locate的非谓语情势。

其次,座落于be located in,变成非谓语located in。

59. tenth



60. which




61. had acquired



62. an


63. on

解析:考查介词。on display展览、展出,通事后文at the museum提醒,此处为展览、展出。

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